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A truly unique global village.

Five Giants is about creating connection, empowering people to embrace their worth and enriching lives.

We run workshops and enrichment activites from our garden spaces and take these activites out into the greater community. We share news and updates about these events here and on our social media pages as they arise.

What is currently going on?


We recently sponsored two women to study in early childhood training. They and their familes stayed at our homestay for the months of January and February while they attended the study with Seeda in Gilgit city. This has enabled the women to get further work with the govenernment. This also directly means they can run safe community houses thorughout the village areas where women and children get together to learn and support each other. We continue to raise funds to take this concept further and into other village areas for more women to have the opportunities to study. You can support this project by donating here 


House warming Danyor

We celebrated our housewarming in the form of  Iftar on Sunday 19th May. Five Giants welcomed friends an families from the local community to a gathering in our new Danyor home to celebrate the launch of our new homestay. 

“Do you know that even when you look at a tree and say, `That is an oak tree', or `that is a banyan tree', the naming of the tree, which is botanical knowledge, has so conditioned your mind that the word comes between you and actually seeing the tree? To come in contact with the tree you have to put your hand on it and the word will not help you to touch it.” J.Krishnamurti.

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